Monday, August 7, 2017

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Mixed Media -48" x 48"each- 1988-2017


(This might best be read as a one act play, with one actor, some charming old codger... a character actor.)

#1. Homosexuality is (can be) one of those 'wrenches in the machine,' 'toys on the floor of a darkened room' that trip people up, make them think, change, grow! 

It's like ART- the great "LIE that tells the TRUTH." If it is Art, not just design or decoration or more craft such as drawing, cooking, or cars and collecting...

#2. SEX AND CELIBACY: A norm in college was frequent sexual encounters of various expressions were only healthy.  Not having sex also produces interesting results- Sometimes craziness (over emphasized by critics, I think) but celibacy is also beautiful, sometimes there are moments as magnificent as any in the world of human experience- as well as a great challenge. It should be noted that 'celibacy' as used here is simply the unmarried state.  Everyone has sex biologically, and actively in their minds at least- some which might be healthy and some might not so.

#3. THE CAVE...  of Solitude and the Inner Life- Hesychast thinking, (Nepsis) processes that observe the filter of human physiology, mind, and spirit in shaping perception and experience- The fullness of Prayer.

#4.  SCRIPTURE, Old Testament- Psalm 104 is one example of the 'borrowing' in the Old Testament from surrounding civilizations by 'a people' forming identity and struggling for survival in a very competitive field. In this case, it was from Armana texts.  See the famous 'heretic' pharaoh Akhenaten 14th Century B.C.  

Sexual mores in the Old Testament are often the same competition, borrowing or reaction to...  Christianity certainly borrows much from the Old Testament not found in the Gospels in this regard.

One Sunday morning, twilight before sunrise, the full, full moon rolls down northern ridge of our mountain to the West,
to finally stop, disappear between the ridges 
an adjacent range.

#5. Gabriel Stone- Tells the tale of Messianic figures current in the generation before Jesus.  One in particular named Simon fought the Romans, was persecuted, reviled, killed in a shameful way, his body left to rot in a sandstone gorge-  Was predicted to resurrect after 3 days. See full blog presentation-  

#6. The sense of the WHOLE of EVOLUTION, the HUMAN PROJECT as one (perhaps subconscious) effort that RELIGION (God in Religion) addresses...


  These days one has to join a group or better a cause-
  Then, you have to 'network.' 

  And you better!

  That's good for a middlin' sort
  But taken to its extreme, you get the church-

  -if you're virtuous, or when the church is the world, ambitious.

  So how have I done any better?
  Not at all- really...

  ...first you have to be a Berdashe (which are protected by fearsome       spirits!).   But not necessarily the 'fem' or 'butch' types. Too easy.  To my   preference anyway... 

  Then, you must know the/a 'Genius Loci.'  and contemplate the mysteries     of Nature- at great length.  See "Han Shan" and "The Daoist Rainmaker" or my own "Montana Ritual."*

...voluptuous fragrances of the past

  Best an androgynous non-declaration of orientation.

...and service to others...


  Aging is 'charming' with its poignant indignaties


  There are real charms about it

  Layers of visionary appreciation- awareness

  States that might occasionally transcend physics

  and the Black Dragon, coiling and wreathing...
  in the sky- just behind those clouds

  just out of sight.

  just a glimspe maybe with its irresistible stench...


  and so on

#8. Paranormal Phenomena in Nepsis Foundation


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